Node-Nine, Inc. has been a technology front-runner, delivering custom IT solutions for diverse business needs, since 2001.

We are uniquely positioned to provide best of breed technologies while also maintaining the utmost in reliability and scalability, all within the cost-constraints of modern businesses.

Our engineering staff have worked for multiple U.S. Fortune 500 companies servicing a multitude of vertical markets.  We have architected, engineered, implemented, monitored, and maintained projects globally.

Because of this incredible brain-trust, we are fully capable of delivering solutions other providers can only dream of.

Hosting Services

You’re in the business of tending after your enterprise and your clients.  We’re in the business of managing your online services.  Free up your company from the overhead and complexity of managing your own IT Department and let Node-Nine deliver you turn-key solutions to keep your company running at the speed of business.

  • Monitoring Services
    • Nagios
    • LibreNMS
    • Grafana/Graphite
  • Cloud Storage
    • Nextcloud
  • Email Hosting
  • DNS Hosting
    • Global distribution of resolution services
  • Logging Services
    • syslog
    • ELK – advanced logging architectures
  • AAA / Authentication / LDAP Services
  • Database Services
    • MySQL / MariaDB
    • Galera Clusters
    • Postgres
    • MongoDB
    • Riak
    • Redis
  • Web Servers
    • Apache
    • Nginx
  • Security Services
    • VPN Servers
    • Hosted Firewalls
    • Hosted IDS Solutions
    • Virtual SOC (Security Operations Center)

Managed AWS

It’s well known that Amazon Web Services powers a large portion of the Cloud.

As such, they are often regarded as the technology leaders in this segment and many companies are migrating critical portions of their offerings to the AWS cloud because of this.

Node-Nine offers a complete suite of AWS managed services including architecture, consulting, migration, hosting, custom software development, infrastructure management, monitoring, support and security.

AWS Management Services include:

  • Regular maintenance and monitoring including performance monitoring, cost saving opportunities in AWS platforms. This also includes ensuring D&R plans are in place, backups if any schedules are happening.
  • Proactively looking for security related issues including working with 3rd party tools to look for vulnerabilities.
  • A process driven well documented system to enable testing and deployment (change management).
  • Ability to respond in some catastrophic events. This also includes periodic DR (disaster recovery) testing.
  • AWS frequently comes out with new tools that can be used to increase efficiency and reduce infrastructure cost. Our cloud engineers will constantly evaluate and suggest the options, and use on your approval.
  • Quality of service: You can tell us “ABC is slow” instead of saying “add 1 more server for ABC”, we will figure out the solution – it could be adding more servers, changing server location, changing load balancing settings or something else.

By partnering with Node-Nine as your AWS manager, you are provided with turn-key infrastructure solutions so your company can focus on your offerings instead of having to worry about tending after servers, patching, monitoring, etc.

Managed Cloud

Node-Nine engineers  can help you set up cloud hosting for any website or mobile app you are building no matter how technical they are. We have expertise in hosting a plethora of stacks on the cloud and managing them.

Let our cloud hosting specialists be your System Admin and IT support. You’ll appreciate the difference that comes with on-demand expertise and support, guaranteed service levels and our obsession with getting things right first time.

Node-Nine system administrators and support engineers proactively monitor and manage your systems, focusing on keeping your application available as well as providing ongoing related advice and recommendations to improve your critical applications or web site, including planning for future business needs and growth.

It all means that you can concentrate on what you do best, knowing we’re taking care of the rest.

We partner with multiple cloud providers to give you the ultimate freedom and flexibility to develop best-of-breed solutions.  Amazon is not the only cloud offering out there, and they do have certain shortcomings.

  • Alphabet Soup: you practically need a degree in AWS management to keep up with the jumble of acronyms they use to describe their various services…and they’re changing all the time.  Let Node-Nine decypher all this for you.
  • Wildly variable cost:  AWS is known in the industry to have wildly unpredictable costs associated with some of their services.  It only takes a read operation on 25% of your S3 dataset to DOUBLE YOUR BILL.  Node-Nine can help you better tame costs to keep cloud services within your budget.

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